Our savoury range includes over forty varieties of quiche:

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Available daily:

  • Bacon and leek
  • Fish

To order*:

  • Bacon: spinach or caramelized apple or Provençal
  • Tuna: spinach or Provençal
  • Mussels: broccoli or Provençal
  • Fresh salmon: broccoli or spinach or asparagus or Provençal or mushroom
  • Swiss gruyere: parmesan and mushroom or hazelnut and ham or pear and bacon
  • Scottish smoked salmon: broccoli or leek or spinach or Provençal or asparagus
  • Goats cheese: ratatouille or mushroom or spinach
  • Ham: endive or caramelized apple

Option to choose the ingredients to be included in your quiche (state when ordering).

Please order products marked with an asterisk (*) 48 hours in advance